10 Best Laser Hair Growth Hat/Helmet/Cap

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Hair loss or baldness can affect both scalp and your entire body. These results can because of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or medications. Anyone can experience loss of hair but it’s more common in men. Ladies and gentlemen can actually lose hair as we age with about two-thirds of men showing a pattern of baldness by the age of their 60’s.

Best Overall Laser Hair Growth Hat/Helmet/Cap

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  • FDA and GPM certified
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Enhanced scalp coverage
  • 24 hour quality control

Baldness refers to any excessive hair loss. Hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause. Some people let their hair loss untreated. Others also covered it up with hairstyles like wigs (artificial hair), makeups, or even hats. But others still choose one of the treatments available to prevent hair loss and to restore growth.

There are a lot already of treatments to prevent baldness or hair loss nowadays because of its technologies and science that has been discovered.

Experts have made different kinds of oils, organic shampoo, creams, and etc. just to treat hair loss. But the latest treatment developments now include the Laser helmet growth treatment which is very accessible only and less hassle use. But before pursuing the treatment options lets first identify the different causes of baldness.

We offer out 10 products and buyer guide for laser hair growth hat that are conducted thorough and surely will meet your goal to intervene your hair loss: 

Table: 10 Best Laser Hair Growth Hat/Helmet/Cap

How We Chose The Best Laser Hair Growth Hat
What To Look For A Buying A Laser Hair Growth Hat

Best Laser Hair Growth Comb - 10 Laser Combs Reviewed

When you start to lose hair, you immediately worry about how you look. As a result of all the worrying and being self-conscious, your confidence takes a hit. Now, there is a company that has stepped up to the plate and developed many products to combat hair loss, thinning, and more. 



  • Does not release harmful heat
  • Low cost
  • Hands-free operation


  • Takes long time

This device is the first highly recommended laser helmet. This has been studied clinically by doctors and it is also proven to promote hair growth for male and female. And it is also an FDA-cleared treatment. The study showed that 100% of male and female users saw visible hair growth.

The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System provides your hair with low-Level Laser Therapy and which it is a safer way of treating something sensitive in your scalp. The laser stimulates your follicles to encourage your hair to produce fuller and thicker hair. 

The cap of this device can fit most head both males and females. This is a hands-free device so this device won’t require a hassle time for you to use. You can use this anytime without distracting any of the activity you are doing.

3 to 6 months of visible hair improvement you can see. But if you don’t see any improvement with our laser after 6 months we offer full refund 100% money-back guarantee. You can contact directly the seller of amazon and get back to us.

The helmet is made up of plastic so it is lightweight, portable andcomfortable to use. It’s hand-free so, it makes your task very simple.

The treatment is cumulate so it doesn’t react quickly, takes longtime for the results. You need a little amount of hair for this treatment.

The Second of the most recommended device for treating hair loss.  If your hair loss is a hereditary or it runs throughout your family then this device fits just for you. The Capillus202 laser hair growth therapy cap may be the device that matches the cause of your hair loss.



  • Results will be proven
  • More comfortable
  • Quick treatment


  • Not fit to all

 The effectiveness of this was rated 95% of it both male and female.This is proven and tested clinically and it is also FDA-cleared. The device is safe and effective to use intervening the hereditary hair loss. The device is recommended to use it daily just for 6 minutes.

It has a whopping 202 laser diodes and comfortably it treats your scalp with the most flexible fitting Capillus202.

Another benefit of them is the treatment of your hair loss. Hair loss has been a problem to many of us around the world, even as early as the age of 30. But it’s not just due to aging but there are many ways that can cause hair loss.

Such as stress, medication, illnesses, and hormones.  With this device, you can combat that process of aging or to whatever the cause of your hair loss is.

Capillus202 laser diodes are more powerful than other laser diodes so it requires much short time for the treatment, definitely it give a good results.

Unfortunately, the cap is designed by only one size so, it is notadjustable. It has a 21-inch circumference of the head portion.

Ranking the third recommended device that can make restoration, regrowth and treat thinning of hair, alopecia, and baldness for both female and male. The iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet is one of the few products that are very effective Low-Level Laster Therapy stimulating light therapy to promote the cellular rejuvenation with the laser and LED lights.



  • Low price
  • Suitable for travel
  • Automatic turn off


  • Short lifetime

It is already clinically proven and tested and it is also FDA-cleared. The studies show that iGrow increased hair count by 37% for the females and 35% in males in just 16 weeks in treating.

The device is styled in 4 adjustable columns, it has rotating wright distribution, it has also customizable headphones to look good when it is worn and lastly aux hookups for full scalp and to provide comfort for you while the stimulator promotes faster growth.

 The results are to have better hair, the iGrow is for any kind of colors in the hair it could be grey, black, or etc.

Its hat design promotes convenience from the user as you can continue about in your daily activities while using a said product, but not only that compared to other designs, a hat design has a lot of coverage on your scalp, therefore only requiring minimal effort.

6 months full money-back guarantee if the device hasn’t shown any improvement of your hair loss. And will give you a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can buy risk-free.

The laser light helps to grow the hair on the follicles. The hairfollicles absorb the laser light that simulates the hair to grow.

Before using the iGrow laser hair growth helmet, you should washyour hair to remove dirt,because the laser lights do notpenetrate the skin.

If your hair loss is caused by hereditary factor then the CapillusPro mobile hair growth therapy cap may be the wise choice that is right for you.No more doctor appointments, no more weekly clinic visits, no more any of that hassle with the help of this product.



  • No side effects
  • Give good results
  • Use anywhere


  • Expensive

Its goal is to provide the hair follicles in your scalp light energy that it then uses to convert into its own energy.

The success rate shows that 95% effectiveness to both male and female. The CapillusPro mobile hair growth was tested clinically and FDA-cleared that it was proven the device is a safe and effective treatment for hereditary hair loss (such as thinning of hair, receding hairline and pattern baldness).

Now you can make your hair grow just being at home. The maximum coverage of this device is 6 minutes only but use it every day. It has 272 laser diodes and very comfortable during treating your scalp with flexible fitting CapillusPro. The CapillusPro mobile hair device is also recommended by the Physicians to grow thicker, fuller hair.

These caps use the safe and low-level lasers to enhance the hair follicles
There is a plastic shied that covers the laser that directly contactsthe hir.

And can be also in conjunction with topical hair loss foams, medications, even before and after hair transplant surgery. Only CapillusPro cap features with no LED light.

The device is designed just like an ordinary cap that we are using. It is styled just like the way we like so when wearing it promotes comfortable feeling to our heads and it matches whatever outfits you wear.

The results depend on the user. The cap is not adjustable, it hasonly one size. The cap has an advanced version of diodes it may affectthe skin.

Oftentimes, people with hair loss, receding hairline, badness, etc., have also suffered a reduction in their confidence. But not anymore.  Regain your confidence and those hairs back with this product. The illumiflow Laser Cap is only the device that is an affordable but effective solution for both male and female that is painlessly reverse the process of hair loss.



  • Affordable
  • Produce expected solution
  • Painless


  • Short life time

Our laser cap is proven that it is a technology that has low-level laser therapy (LLLT) accessible and convenient to you at home or on the go device.

It is FDA 510(k) cleared. And illuminflow cap is the device that is original OTC (over-the-counter) solution for men and women, it is cleared by the FDA that the device is also safe and effective to use in the treatment of hair loss. It is examined that the product is continually tested to comply with performance and safety regulations.

The product is leading for 5 years warranty. It is clinically proven that research has been found that the LLLT is the right for you if you are struggling with thinning of hair, a receding hairline, hair loss and even help you get ahead of hair loss if you have a hereditary disposition toward it.

It can also prevent hair loss that comes with age or because of your genes or heredity. Postpartum hair loss in which occurs after childbirth. This happens because the body of a woman produces and experiences so much estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy.

It also can be used to prevent hair loss from stress and can improve those low-quality scalps or hair. Basically, this device is applicable to any hair loss problems. Although, it’s best to consult a professional before doing any kind of home treatments to avoid further damaging your hair.

The other advantages of using this product, besides preventing hair loss and improving the health of your scalp are that it’s a lightweight product which allows you to bring it anywhere you travel to. Its uses are flexible, as discussed above, and most importantly is that it’s durable.

It also can be used to prevent hair loss from stress and can improve those low-quality scalps or hair. Basically, this device is applicable to any hair loss problems. Although, it’s best to consult a professional before doing any kind of home treatments to avoid further damaging your hair.

The other advantages of using this product, besides preventing hair loss and improving the health of your scalp are that it’s a lightweight product which allows you to bring it anywhere you travel to. Its uses are flexible, as discussed above, and most importantly is that it’s durable.

It stimulates your scalp to grow the hair and stops hair loss. It is aFDA cleared technology also it has no side effects.

. It won’t easily break after how many times of using said product. Its hat design promotes convenience from the user as you can continue about in your daily activities while using a said product, but not only that compared to other designs, a hat design has a lot of coverage on your scalp, therefore only requiring minimal effort.

The illimiflow is the leading 5-year product warranty. For any problems or concerns of the product please directly contact us because we make sure we always stand behind our products.

It has a Short lifetime.It may do not work after some months.Less warranty, not very practical.It is hard to wear so it makespeople irritate.

what else do you want to find out? Here it is the device that is known and highly recommended by the physicians. And not the most recommended but it is America’s number 1 hair restoration experts.It is safe and effective for male and female at home to use. It is effectively rated successfully > 98% of the customers.




  • Most powerful diodes
  • Portble device
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for all

It is safe and effective for male and female at home to use. It is effectively rated successfully > 98% of the customers.Just like any other laser combs, caps, etc. This device works by penetrating your scalp, hair follicles, and directly targets the roots to increase efficiency and obtain fast and satisfactory results.

Just like any other laser combs, caps, etc. This device works by penetrating your scalp, hair follicles, and directly targets the roots to increase efficiency and obtain fast and satisfactory

When the laser penetrates the scalp and hits the roots, the light then gets converted into energy in which it’s used to boost your hairs metabolism, it allows the roots and scalp to absorb more nutrients, minimizes the oil secreted on your scalp which reduces dandruff and itchiness.

It also reduces the chance of your hair follicle shrinking or what we call the process of miniaturization, which is the most common cause of balding.

It requires only two usages per week to get good efficacy. You willget a typical result within 3-4 months can prove quick and safe results.

Once a hair follicle shrinks, it can’t be reversed nor fixed. All of those benefits that you great from the treatment will result in more hair growth.

The Theradome only contains medical-grade lasers. In order to regrow the hair with no LEDs on it for best result. Lasers have its high energy density to stimulate hair follicles deep within the scalp that LEDs don’t have it. The theradome Pro LH80 Hair Growth Helmet only has its cordless.

For those people who are always traveling or always on the go, this device is perfect for you. Its cordless design allows you to take this device wherever you go. Not only is this device light in terms of weight, but also in price. It is tested by FDA-cleared for male and female.

It helps to slow or stop losing hair, it thickens existing hair follicles and helps regrow new hair of yours.

It is not suitable for those who have severe hair loss and a lot of baldsareas. If you are a breastfeeding women then did not use thisdevice.

The wait is over here is the device you have been waiting for. The device is a cordless laser helmet. There is no need for you to purchase additional hardware for it. It has clinical strength also that results without any ongoing costs for you. The product is highly recommended by doctors.



  • Portabl
  • Powerful
  • Fits for all size


  • Not reacts with heavy hair loss

Theradome is known as a number 1 hair restoration by the experts. Males and females are allowed to use it at home because it is proven >98% of it is safer and effective.

Customers we won’t disappoint you because theradome uses cool laser phototherapy to regrow hair with no LEDs anymore just to have the best result.

Lasers have its high energy density to stimulate enough your hair follicles deep within your scalp. The product is FDA-cleared of course, and it helps to stop or slow the hair loss, thicken existing hair follicles and regrow new hair.

It gives the exact solution within a month. It helps to regrow the hair and stops hair loss. It makes the hair dark and thick.

Its design is also great for treating a specific spot in your scalp, allowing for more versatility. If you want to focus on a certain spot because of time or want to focus on that specific spot for a reason, then you are able to do so. On the other hand, if you have a lot of free time and want to nourish the entirety of your scalp, you are still able to by moving the device around.

Any unsatisfactory results for the customers we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. You directly call the Theradome for any of your concern about the product and we will surely give back the best service that you deserve.

Much more expensive compared to others. It is not suitable for alltypes of hair loss. It does not react with bald areas and a lot of hairfollicles.

Are acting consciously of how do you look without hair? Do you have a hereditary problem about losing hair or baldness? Here’s the answer to that problem. The device that fits for you, the device that will boost your confidence after using it during the treatment phase. It’s called Capillus82 Laser Hair Growth Cap. A cap that will prevent you from having hair loss.



  • Stops hair loss
  • Low price
  • No side effects


  • Limited positive results

With a 95% successful and how effectively the result shows. Both males and females can use this device to treat hair loss. It is also clinically proven and tested and also an FDA-cleared safer treatment for hereditary hair loss.

The device can be used anywhere especially for those who are just at home. Other benefits you can get from this Laser is to help your hair grow thicker, fuller hair if used as a stand-alone product, or before and after having major surgery.

Easy to wear. It contains lots of diodes that stops the hairloss and regrow the hair, also it increases the blood flow. It makes you comfortable during the treatment.The treatment period is veryshort.

Physicians recommend this cap because this is only the cap that features laser only technology with no interior LED lights. When using the device you must apply it for only 6 minutes, every day.You should be careful about putting it into your head. This device is a hands-free device.

The Manufactured for quality assurance in the USA assures you that the product or device is easy, discreet and very comfortable for use. Any questions are entertained by the US- base costumer, you can call them directly.

May not give effective results to all. It does not work with bald areas. Sometimes it takes a long time for the expected results thatdepends on the user’s problem.

The device that promotes hair growth, strengthens your hair, repairs any damaged hair no matter what the cause is, heals any aging hairs and reverses the thinning process. How? With the use of its medical-grade laser diodes, which the device has it stimulates your hair follicles and penetrates deep into the roots. 



  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fits for all
  • Satisfied the customer


  • Length treatment time

With its diodes placed at close proximity to each other, this ensures that the application and delivery of the laser to your follicles are uniform and consistent. This design makes it hard for you to miss some spots and will promote an even growth in hair when the time comes. The follicles and roots that then receive the light converts it into energy to help with the hair growth cycle and strengthens the hair follicles.

As a result of that, your scalp can then produce healthier and fuller hair. Illumiflow FDA cleared Laser Cap is the key to your problem. It says states there that the cap has its many benefits on it. It safe to use, proven and tested to comply with performance safety regulations.

Proven out by decades of research and literally thousands of clinical studies, LLLT is right for you if you’ve experienced thinning hair, a receding hairline, or hair loss, and can even help you get ahead of hair loss if you have a genetic disposition toward it.
For comparisons to our Laser cap to Laser helmets and Laser comb more than 7X laser diodes than iRestore.

It is suitable for both men and women. The treatment is time is 30minutes per each week, the device automatically turned off afterthe treatment. The battery port is given to the product.

More than 1.5X laser diodes than Theradome. More than 3.5X laser diodes than Theragrow. More than 16x diodes than Hairmax Prima 9! Best value with the most scalp coverage on the market.

We offer a 5-year product warranty. Our company stands behind our product quality. Our goal is to provide the best for our customers. Please contact directly illumiflow for faster transactions to resolve any of your concerns.

Battery life is not enough for the treatment time. It operates on the battery, it contains a rechargeable battery so it does not suit for all situation.

10. SuperGro Laser 272 Diode Cap

This product offers a cost-efficient and safe way to combat hair thinning and hair loss because of stress, unhealthy diet, postpartum hai loss, androgenic alopecia, and aging without the need to go any intensive procedures such as an operation. This process not only saves you time and effort, but it’ll also save you from an expensive bill to pay for outside treatments.


  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Flexible for travel
  • Clean the scalp


  • No battery replace

It includes three bottles of MGT topical growth booster with DHT blocker. See improvements after 12 to 20 weeks using for only 20 minutes 3 times a week.Within the 12 to the 20-week time period of consistent usage of the device, expect to see results on the condition of your hair.

Along with itsefficiency comes a discreet and stylish design of a baseball cap. It’s very portable and has a convenient way of using it as it requires minimal effort.

It works very fast and better than other devices. It has a convenient size for the maintenance. Gives a better result. May do anotherwork during treatment.

You only need to put the cap on and turn on said device. With its discreet design, you can even wear this device out in public as it looks just like a normal hat. It is safer to use because it is FDA
cleared. It effectively shows visible growing hair after using it.

Bringing back the confidence that you have before when still don’t have a problem in losing hair on. Sometimes we need to reward ourselves just to boost our confidence to feel look good as always.

Before using the laser caps you should know the quality of diodes. If you use cheap diodes it does not perform the task, it mayaffect your scalp.

Causes of Hair loss or Baldness

People hair grows about a ½ inch per month, and 90% of our hair is actively growing at any given of time. But losing hair cannot be controlled much more if the reasons are caused by illness, diet, childbirth or in taking medicine. If losing hair is gradual and becomes more noticeable with each passing year, anybody may have a hereditary hair loss. Some care practices also can cause noticeable hair loss or baldness.

Hair loss or baldness can typically cause by related any of these following:

Before starting the kinds of treatments on baldness or hair loss we must understand first the steps of hair growth. We must have enough knowledge about why some people experienced thinning of hair or falling out.

The process on this starts what you call Anagen or the growth phase. In this phase, the start growing. In this phase, the process of hair growing usually lasts to three to four years and some it will reach even to 7 years process. Second is the Catagen or also known as the regression or transition phase. In this phase the process of hair follicle it will shrink in size and detaches from our skin starting why it falls out. 

This is the transitional period which generally lasts up to 10 days only. This phase is the Telogen phase or known as the resting phase of the hair. The phase takes only three to five months before your hair pushes out to grow. 10% to 20% of most people of their hair is in the telogen phase at any time. 

If a person is stressed, physically not well and other health problem conditions can cause more hair follicles than normal to enter the telogen phase and it results in temporary hair shedding. The last phase is known as Exogen or also known as the shedding phase. In this phase, the process happens when a new hair is already grown the old hairs enter the exogen phase. The old hair will completely detach from our scalp and falls out. Usually, when we are using a comb, brush, or washing your hair during shower it happens. 

The normal numbers of hair that fall out usually its 50 to 150 hairs fall out in this phase, but there’s no need to be worry because its normal only. We all go through in this phase. When the new hair grows it replaces the old hairs and it completes the hair growth cycle. The replacement of the hair that falls out for all hairs happens during the catagen, telogen and exogen phases of the hair growth process.

The process that has been discussed is very important because in understanding the normal process of hair growth is to help us to take action sooner if we notice any hair problems. It could also help us to save a lot of stress if we notice shedding it is normal to recognize it that it’s just a part of the natural process that results in follicles entering into the final phase of the growth cycle.

The treatment approach to baldness depends on its underlying cause.

And YES! With these kinds of causes, there are now some treatments that we can slow down or stop hair loss. And maybe it would help even grow back some new hair you thought was gone forever.

Due to new technologies today and science, Laser treatment of hair growth was discovered. The laser has thoroughly examined by the experts before it has been tested.

Laser devices like brushes, combs, and other hand-held devices that emit laser light might stimulate hair growth. These devices can maybe help developed hair look more youthful in some people. Because the FDA classifies these products as medical devices, the products do not undergo the rigorous testing that medicines undergo. It is proven and tested that it will result in long-term effectiveness and safety when using these devices intervening any hair loss disorder.

Low-level laser therapy is a form of light and heat treatment. This is used to stimulate hair growth in both male and female. Experts agree that LLLT is safer for any treatment of hair loss. Low-level laser therapy was discovered in the late 1960s and it is used to reduce neurogenic pain, reduce inflammation and wound healing. Other benefits include nonmelanoma skin cancer and other infection diseases.  The researchers made a hypothesis that the main mechanisms involving the process are the stimulation of epidermal stem cells. In follicle and shifting the follicle to the growth phase cycle.

With that information, we have different Laser helmet that can make hair loss or baldness to be stopped.

What is Laser Helmet growth treatment?

Laser Helmet can stimulate hair follicles and it can improve growth. It is an effective and hands-free device that reduces the loss of hair or baldness. It increases hair growth. Laser helmet can be used both male and female. The device is an advanced laser that treats restoration of hair loss and it stimulates blood circulation throughout the scalp. Some benefits of it are it can boost your hair count, minimize your shedding, boost up your volume it makes the hair more equal to a thicker mane; make your hair grow faster, reverse hair thinning.

Before buying Laser Helmet

Online shopping has a lot of factors you have to consider most especially buying a device. You don’t only choose the cheaper but the main priority is you chose the device that is well very effective during the treatment.

Laser helmet should only be considered a treatment or intervention if you are serious about treating hair loss or baldness. If you are really determined to keep your shining and shimmering hair and you have a stable source of income, you are wise enough to stick with the intervention and you have realistic expectations then our laser therapy could be definitely worth adding to your treatment.