How to Use a Laser Hair Removal Machine at Home

Laser hair technology was introduced to the world several years ago. The high cost of treatments made this process unaffordable for many people. Laser hair removal machines were an option that is available to licensed users and dermatologists.

However, in recent years, low-priced machines are made available to everyone. Now, anybody can buy and use a hair removal machine at home. Sometimes, these machines are labeled as “At-home” laser hair removal machines. Another DIY hair removal process like waxing or shaving at home. In the earlier years, these devices work specifically for dark hair on soft skin, but now, there are different hair removal machines for various skin and hair colors.

Now you can buy these laser hair removal machines for home use at a reasonable price, to attain long-lasting effective results.

We have shared a few things that you have to think of, and the preparation you have to make if you are going to use an at-home laser hair removal machine. We’ve also made guidelines on how to use the laser hair removal machine at home.

Types of at-home laser hair removal

Before you start doing laser hair removal at home, you should know about the technology and its substitutes. Let’s look at the two types of laser hair removal at home.

IPL and Laser Hair Removal are the two types of at-home laser hair removal but they differ in some features.

IPL is otherwise known as Intense Pulsed Light. People refer to it as IPL laser treatment. A fact about IPL is that diffused lights are used instead of a laser. The diffused light can’t go very deep into the skin.

Dark hairs absorb most of the Intense Pulsed Light wavelengths so the growth of the hair is interrupted. IPL works best for contrasting hair colors. For example, IPL works well on dark hair for light-skinned individuals rather than blonde hair or people with dark skin and hair.