Things To Consider BEFORE You Buy a Laser Hair Growth Hat

Losing hair is natural as we age. As your hair becomes thinner, your scalp starts to show.  Decreased hair follicles or patchy spots on the scalp indicate abnormal hair loss. It can make you feel disappointed or lose your confidence.

The only remedy for this is, utilizing hair growth devices and maintaining hair growth treatments. Lasers are utilized to stimulate hair growth on the scalp and help the hair to grow automatically. This kind of laser treatment is named Low Light Laser Therapy or LLLD.

Here are 5 key things to consider when buying laser tech treatments.

1. Laser therapy has been proven to treat hair loss.

Surprisingly, research of rats in the late 60s confirmed that laser therapy can absolutely help humiliate hair loss and promote its growth.

The goal of Endre Mester, a scientist that studied phototherapy on rats to treat cancer patients. To his astonishment, he discovered that the usage of lasers on rats had no impact on cancer and led to hair growth.

In 2009, in randomized, double-blind research of 110 patients in 26 weeks, HairMax laser comb, one of the earliest laser devices sold to treat hair loss, was a powerful treatment for male baldness. The laser comb revealed a notable increase in hair density compared to the sham device.

2. Not all doctors believe that lasers work.

The reviews differ among doctors who use lasers to treat hair loss.

Dr. Rossman, a guide in the field of hair transplantation, claims that laser therapy was granted free of price as an experiment, in which he saw no results. Rossman also believes that laser treatment is ineffective and that it is not a viable option.


Dermatologist Jennifer Aktout argues that a laser comb is a safe treatment device due to the small number of good results. While the laser is not a miraculous remedy, he says it is an important part of his arsenal of treatments for hair loss.

Contradictory comments by experts on such laser treatments are still being criticized by many dermatologists and hair restoration surgeons.

3. There are minimal side effects

Users of laser devices summarize quite a few side effects from this laser, and every research I studied intimates that treatment is safe.

Telogen effluvium is a possible side impact when using laser equipment for hair growth, which can happen within the first few months of treatment. Also, if you have dysplastic or malignant lesions in your head, you should always remember that this laser treatment will stimulate the growth of these lesions.

4. Relatively laser therapy is expensive

Laser comb range in price from $ 200 to $ 300. The laser hat/helmet accessories that most people prefer are a little easier to use, so their prices start at $ 500. The good news is that all these devices come with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts a long time and has a durable design to ensure a long life.

5. This is not a first-line treatment option

Laser therapy is definitely something to consider adding to your therapeutic arsenal, as it can provide significant benefits. But the ISHRS (International Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons) has so far not given a glowing endorsement of laser treatment, indicating that they have not taken any official stance.

Lasers don’t eliminate hair at any time. In many instances, they are utilized to stimulate hair growth. Before purchasing a laser for your weak or bald scalp, it’s necessary to do your research.